Single-use plastic bottles are not recyclable

10 Everyday Things That Cause Plastic Pollution

My life changed when I switched to sustainable products for my everyday life. These are easy on the pocket and environmentally friendly too.

Do you wonder what kind of a world we are building for future generations? Do you wonder how we are using our natural resources? Do you know how many countries have banned plastic?

Have you ever noticed how much plastic we use in our daily life?

I read how everyday plastic waste on the land affects marine life and the environment.  I also know that India’s government has banned single-use plastic items from 1st July 2022. As I dug deeper, I came across this study paper by ClinMed that concludes that the only way to reduce the damage caused by plastic waste is to limit the usage of toxicants. And that is why I decided to switch to sustainable and environmentally friendly products for a better future.

What are these products I am talking about, and how have I replaced them with environment-friendly options? Read on to learn more.

10 Things I No Longer Buy

Plastic Bottles of Water

Single-use plastic bottles are not recyclable, and they end up in landfills. The life of a single-use plastic bottle is not even 1 minute, and it takes hundreds of years to break down.  As a conscious consumer, I stopped purchasing these disposable water bottles. Instead, I carry my refillable metal water bottle everywhere with me.

Shampoo Bottles

Most commercial shampoos contain sulfates and parabens. These ingredients cause extreme itchiness to the eyes, skin, mouth, and lungs. They harm the environment, especially marine life.

Liquid shampoos contain 75% water, meaning I was paying to ship and use water. Therefore, I have switched to a better alternative —shampoo bars. They are environmentally friendly, skin-friendly, and travel-friendly. They work just as well as liquid bottled products - they are suitable for my hair and the environment.

Disposable Razors

Hair removal is an essential part of my personal care regime. But using disposable razors is not economical or environment-friendly. For a better future, I switched to razors with bamboo handles and epilators. Did you know that bamboo is one of the most renewable resources available to us today?

Plastic Diapers for My Baby

Diapers are such a savior for mothers. But unfortunately, most diapers contain non-renewable, petroleum-based polymers and other harmful chemicals. One diaper can take up to 500 years to decompose! To lead a zero-waste life, I switched to reusable cloth diapers.

Paper Napkins

Paper napkins are not sustainable and contribute to deforestation, chemical pollution, and landfill waste. Now I use reusable cleaning cloths, and they are economical and environment-friendly. Next time you use a paper napkin for something, ask if you are carrying a cloth towel in your bag.

Mica Based Makeup

Mica mining encourages soil erosion and water pollution. For a better future and as a conscious consumer, I switched to plant-based makeup, which is good for my skin and uses natural colorants.

Single Use Cutlery and Plastic Straws

We often see people using disposable cutlery at events or while traveling. While they may be easy to use now, do you know this cutlery ends as landfill waste and takes hundreds of years to go away?

Now I use bamboo-based and reusable cutlery. I have substituted plastic straws with reusable steel straws.

Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup remover wipes are harmful to the skin and environment. I prefer using reusable washcloths and cleansing oils to wipe my makeup. These can be washed easily, are gentle on my skin, and I always keep them handy in my handbag.

Plastic Storage

I am talking about plastic toy storage boxes, fridge bags, makeup organizers, food containers, and dining table organizers. But fortunately, all of these are replaceable with sustainable options such as recyclable boxes, bamboo-made storage boxes, and jute bags.

Plastic Hair Accessories

I love to style my hair in all the ways possible. But I realized most of the combs and stylers are made with plastic. As the realization hit, I found and grabbed more sustainable products made with bamboo and neem.

It’s high time we adopted minimalism and sustainable living for a better future. Start small and start with one thing at a time. Save your money and the environment. Aim for zero waste and say no to plastic.
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