The Beginners Guide to Prezerve

The Beginners Guide to Prezerve

Prezerve aims at delivering the best beauty and personal care solutions, but not at the cost of nature.


Consumers are becoming more aware of the products they use, their composition, and the source of the ingredients. Everyone prefers clean, environment-friendly, and naturally sourced products. So, if you like to look at the ingredient list before buying a self-care product, Prezerve is the brand you should look out for.

Prezerve dedicates itself to providing natural skin care and hair care based on the concept of zero-waste beauty. In this article, let us discuss everything that makes Prezerve unique.

Discard Plastic, Embrace Zero-Waste Beauty

The consensus against plastic usage and the ban on single use plastic items is gaining prominence by the day, and the demand for zero-waste beauty products is also rising. Opting for such beauty brands is a step towards sustainability. Prezerve is revolutionalizing the idea of sustainable beauty by introducing plastic-free and water-friendly products in a simple, solid bar.

Prezerve has adopted recycled packaging using biodegradable materials and soy-based ink, ensuring a cleaner environment. It provides bamboo dishes for the bars, allowing better product longevity.

The travel friendly packaging lets you carry the products on your travels without any spillage. A bar of Prezerve shampoo is equivalent to three bottles of liquid; thus, it also saves money on frequent repurchases. All these without compromising on the beautiful luster of your hair and the glow on your skin!

Waterless and More Solid, Natural Ingredients

Water is a vital component of skincare and haircare. If you look into the ingredients list of most skin and hair care products, you will see that Aqua or water is one of the main components. Water helps in product application, provides hydration and texture, and dissolves actives, such as Vitamin C, so they apply to the skin better.

 However, in the recent trend, water is no longer being used to formulate the products. Waterless beauty products are making their way into our lives. This waterless trend is an effort towards developing products that contain only the good stuff and eliminate the riff-raff!

Prezerve products have negligible water content and are formulated with coconut-derived natural and solid foaming agents. It also uses natural waxes and butter for stability as well as moisturization. Whereas in any conventional product, you will find 75% water content.

Trust the Transparency

Prezerve boasts 100% transparency, allowing consumers to know what they invest their hard-earned money in. Go through the entire list of ingredients before you buy. Any buyer must be fully aware of what they are about to expose to their skin and hair. So, if you are looking for products with no chemicals, the only way to verify is the list of components.

All products by Prezerve are made of 80% natural ingredients, dermatologically tested, and FDA approved. In addition, the cosmetic actives, colors, fragrances, and plant extracts used in the formulations have been clinically proven safe for skin and hair use. These soap-free and pH-balanced products are more effective on the skin and hair.

Prezerve products are made with gentle ingredients for the hair and skin. We use natural oils, shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and coconut and oats extracts, to name a few of our magic ingredients.  

As it is solid, the matter's concentration is much higher than its liquid counterparts. All Prezerve products are formulated with FDA approval and licensed ingredients and are also 100% mica free.

Each product is derma tested, so you can rest assured it works beautifully even on sensitive hair and skin types. These are vegan and cruelty-free products made with love and respect for nature. No animal-derived component has been used to prepare them (read no milk, no ghee, no honey, no beeswax). Just as we are shifting to a plant based diet with multiple health benefits, plant based skin care and hair care are here to stay.

What You Will Not Find In Prezerve Products?

While we have discussed what defines Prezerve as an environment-friendly brand filled with goodness, let us now see what all Prezerve does not contain.

Sulphates: With long-term use, products with SLS and SLES can cause damage to the lungs and irritate the eyes and skin. Prezerve products are entirely free of sulphates. This makes them highly gentle and safe for everyday use. So if you have oily hair and want to wash your locks daily, the Prezerve sulphate free shampoo bars are here.

Silicones: Silicones enlarge pores and create a barrier on the skin, trapping dirt, sebum, and other impurities. It can harm the skin, often leading to blackheads and acne outbursts.

Silicones create a protective layer on the hair strands that locks in moisture. However, it also creates a barrier, blocking other nutrients from penetrating the hair follicles. Ever felt that your hair is weighed down a few hours after a wash – ask yourself if there is silicone in our shampoo. And if the answer is yes, it’s time to shift to Preserve’s silicone free shampoos.

Mica: Although mica is generally considered safe for use as an ingredient in skincare and cosmetics, it can still irritate sensitive skin. Moreover, the workers at the manufacturing factories and mines face more significant hazards through the inhalation of mica.

Parabens: Parabens extend the shelf life of skin care products. Scientific research has shown that parabens can throw some hormones off balance and harm the body's reproductive organs. It also poses the risk of cancer over long-term use.

Phthalates: Some phthalates disrupt the endocrine system leading to a hormonal imbalance. It may have detrimental effects on health, affecting the body's reproductive, neurological, and developmental functions.

Palm oil: The production method of palm oil is considered to hurt nature. The practice is widely held unethical since it is a significant cause of deforestation worldwide.


Conservation and sustainability have started to define every aspect of our well-being. Prezerve skin and hair care have also embraced the zero-waste beauty concept and incorporated natural and ethically sourced ingredients to provide consumers with the best possible.

Its soothing formulations ensure that even the most sensitive skin and hair types benefit from them. Prezerve offers natural haircare and skincare that is simple, effective, and provides gentle care. Shop Prezerve for all your skin and haircare requirements. Check out its wide range of vegan and environment-friendly products for a better idea now!

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