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Prezerve 4-in-1 Hair Care Combo with Bamboo Dish

Prezerve 4-in-1 Hair Care Combo with Bamboo Dish

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🌿 Vegan & Natural Ingredients: Nourishes and strengthens hair with natural oils like almond, argan, tea tree, avocado, and jojoba. <br>

🚫 No Sulfates or Parabens: Free from       sulfates and parabens, safe for all hair types, including colored and chemically treated hair. <br>

🍃 Fight Dandruff and prevents Breakage: Combats dandruff and prevents hair breakage for healthy locks. <br>

🌟 Complete 4-in-1 Combo: Includes Dry Shampoo Bar, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Bar, Conditioner Bar, and Bamboo Storage Dish. <br>

♻️ Eco-Friendly & Unisex: The eco-friendly bamboo storage dish is perfect for both men and women, simplifying your hair care routine. <br>

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How To Use

Dry Shampoo Bar: Wet your hair and the shampoo bar. Rub the bar on the scalp and hair to create a lather. Massage and rinse.
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Bar: Wet your hair and the shampoo bar. Rub the bar on the scalp and hair to create a lather. Massage and rinse.
Conditioner Bar: Wet the bar, and glide over hair. Massage and rinse.
Bamboo Storage Dish: Use the wooden tray to keep the bars dry. Store bars in the bamboo dish when not in use.

How To Store

Store in a cool and dry place, for external use only. Discontinue immediately in case of any rash or skin irritation. Natural ingredients may change color over time but won't lead to efficacy loss.

Star Ingredients

Amino Acid Complex 17
Pure Phen
Argan Oil
Avocado Oil
Jojoba Oil
Shea Butter
Almond Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Willow Brak Extract

Shelf Life

24 months from the date of manufacture (as mentioned on product packaging).

Additional Information

Manufactured By: Naturis Cosmetics Pvt.Ltd., 1, EPIP, SIDCO Industrial Complex, Baribrahmana, Jammu – 181133 | Mfg. Lic. No. JK/21-22/COS-8/334

Marketed By: Ika Aan Essentials Pvt. Ltd., 61/62 C, Ganj Gardens, Lucknow, 226024

DISCLAIMER: Store in a cool and dry place. For external use only. Though unlikely, discontinue immediately in case of any rash or irritation on the skin. Natural ingredients tend to change colour over time but don’t lead to efficacy loss.

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  • Vegan

  • Plastic Free

  • Toxin Free

  • FDA Approved

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Natural

  • PH Balanced

  • Water friendly

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
good combo offer

This eco-friendly hair care combo is a one-stop shop for healthy, happy hair. The vegan, plastic-free, and toxin-free bars (FDA-approved and dermatologist-tested!) cover all your bases: dry shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, and conditioner. The pH-balanced formulas are gentle yet effective, while the water-friendly design minimizes waste. Plus, the stylish bamboo dish keeps everything organized and adds a touch of nature to your bathroom. It's a win for convenience, your hair, and the planet!

Karan Raj
Hair Care with Bamboo Dish benefits

Prezerve's 4-in-1 Hair Care Combo with Bamboo Dish is a revolutionary advancement in hair care. This product strengthens hair, prevents breakage, and heals dandruff. It is rich in vegan ingredients and free of sulfates and parabens. An environmentally friendly bamboo storage dish, a dry shampoo bar, an anti-dandruff shampoo bar, and a conditioner bar are included with the entire set. This simple, universal cure will make your hair stronger and healthier while also simplifying your routine. An absolute must-try for everyone searching for a conscientious and effective hair care regimen. Very strongly suggested!


All-natural ingredients: I love that these bars are free of sulfates and parabens and packed with good stuff like argan and almond oil. My scalp feels much calmer since switching.
Dry shampoo bar is a lifesaver: Let's be honest, dry shampoo is a must-have for most of us. This one smells amazing, and it actually works! I can extend my washes by a day or two without feeling greasy.
Multitasking magic: Having a shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo bar all in one package is super convenient. Plus, the bamboo storage dish keeps everything organized and helps the bars dry properly.
Eco-friendly vibes: Ditching plastic bottles feels good! These bars are a sustainable way to take care of my hair.

Anshika Verma
Perfect combo for your hair

All of the products into one pack, is a great deal. It's value for money for products that are great for your hair. The anti dandruff shampoo bar is a win win situation for me.

Akshat Awasthi
a great combo

this combo was really good for my hair which helped a lot and gave life to my rough and dry scalp adding nourishment to them making them more healthy and less breakage adding strength to my hair i recommend this hair combo to everyone.